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Tips We Share Speed Transfer


Do you want to transfer your files on mobile to your friend but do not know how to do it fast? This app will teach you how to do it. We recommend any popular app that help you transfer your files.Feature of apps that our recommend:1) Phone to Phone :Transfer files with your friends face to face with zero flow.To transfer files between phones using We Share will not incur any data for either of the phones.Hi,let’s share!· Free -No USB,no Internet, no Mobile data!· Transfer everything - Files, pictures, music, videos, and apps!2) Quick open: Open your apps from here! 3) WHY USE We Share. Phone to Phone:Transfer files with your friends face to face,free of charge.· Quick link: One step access to the hot spots.· Safety test: Detect suspicious WiFi, protect the security online.· Quick open: Open the favorite APP as soon as you access the WiFi,for example YouTube, GP and Facebook.*This app is only show the best file transfer apps for you.